Health Coaching

The Program

As a holistic health coach, I have studied many different dietary theories along with many aspects of health and wellness, and will work with you to discover what approach works best for you to reach your health goals.

Program Overview

We will work together over the course of six months in a personalized program to address your concerns and discover the tools and strategies you need to achieve better health and wellness. Why six months? In order for you to get the full benefit of the program and create permanent, lasting changes, we need time. We will set small goals along the way that are fun, manageable and won’t feel overwhelming.

My program is designed to address your specific health concerns and support you in reaching your goals. I will help you weed through all of the conflicting health and nutrition information out there and find what works for you. I am passionate about health coaching and supporting my clients toward living a happier, healthier and more balanced life.

The program includes:

  • Two 45-60 minute sessions per month
  • Unlimited email support in-between sessions
  • Books, handouts and other materials for you to keep
  • Food samples and self-care products that I want you to try!
  • Recipes
  • Lots of love and support

In addition, you can also expect:

  • A safe, supportive, confidential and non-judgmental place to discuss your health concerns
  • To set and accomplish goals
  • To explore new foods and self-care products
  • To learn new information about various wellness-related topics
  • To increase your understanding of your body
  • To balance your eating and lifestyle habits
Because this is a personalized program, my fees may vary based on your situation and goals. Please click here to contact me and schedule a free consultation where we can discuss your concerns and questions.